Standards for v-belt length

Length about-face table. A actual important apparatus to plan with belt specs is a Rubber Timing Belt about-face table. That's because the blazon of breadth for nominal breadth (the breadth to accord if allegorical a belt) is altered for the altered types of belts (for example, it is "inner breadth Li" for archetypal v-belts – aswell the alone absurdity in the v-belt about-face table affiliated above).

Li, Lw, La. For every v-belt, one can accord three lengths: abutting breadth Li, able breadth Lw and alien breadth La. These abbreviations are acquired from German words "Innenl?nge", "Wirkl?nge" and "Au?enl?nge" appropriately and ability alone be in use in Germany. Abutting and alien breadth are the abutting resp. alien ambit admeasurement of the vee-belt, afterwards any beeline astriction on the belt and in annular shape. Able breadth is a absurd boilerplate breadth of a vee-belt that is the ambit at a assertive abyss of the belt profile. Namely, at a abyss that has the "effective width" (German "Richtbreite"), for which see the agnate cavalcade in the v-belt about-face table. Lw is acclimated as the nominal breadth of belts with profiles SP*, XP* and X*. Synonymous to Lw, some manufacturers use Ld or Lp. [source]

Belt number. For classical v-belts, there is accession identification adjustment in accession to the "20 x 3500 Li" type: the belt bulk (German "Riemen-Nr."). It consists of the accustomed contour admeasurement appellation letter and a bulk that commonly corresponds to the abutting breadth in inches (rounded, breadth necessary); for example, "Z 22" or "D 150". [source] A annual of these numbers can be begin on this Timing Belt Company index.