First affair I charge to do is get this alternator running. I've never had to fit a V Belt before, and I accept no abstraction what the best way to do it is... it's a Delco/GM alternator and the caster canal looks the aforementioned as the crank caster on my Chrysler, so I anticipate that should be fine. But I dunno what admeasurement belt to get. My assumption is that I could bulk out out with algebraic by barometer the caster diameters and the ambit amid the centers, but that'd be a bit of a altercation aback the fan is amid them. If I went to NAPA would they let me try a few altered ones so I don't charge to guess?

One way that I've done it is to crop a breadth of rope, the affectionate that will not stretch, and blanket it about already to see the admeasurement of the angle you'll need, if you asphyxiate the alternator as abutting as it will go to the baptize pump pulley, you can just add a little bit to accomplish abiding you can still get it over the caster if installing. If that makes sense.

I still bare two trips to acquisition the adapted one. If you acquisition it, save your allotment numbers and address which belt it is and put it with the car's allotment paperwork.

Determining the exact breadth of a V belt with a algebraic blueprint becomes confusing. This holds abnormally authentic if barometer the breadth of a V belt active amid two pulleys with altered diameters and do not accept acquaintance appliance calibers to admeasurement the bore of the drive pulleys. Fortunately, you accept an accession to actuate the breadth of a V belt accurately that does not crave the use of a complicated algebraic blueprint or complicated barometer equipment.

Measuring Belt Breadth with an Old V Belt

Abode a mark on the ancillary of an old V belt with a white acrylic marker.

Set the collapsed alien angle of the V belt on a collapsed surface. Rotate the V belt to abode the acrylic mark adjoin the collapsed surface. Draw a mark on the collapsed apparent with a pencil to baptize the starting point of the measurement.

Roll the PK Belt forth the collapsed apparent until the acrylic mark rolls aback to the collapsed surface. Abode a added pencil mark on the collapsed apparent to baptize the acquaintance point of the acrylic mark with the collapsed surface.