It is capital to bethink that if alteration the timing belt, the timing belt acclimation tensioner and pulleys acquire to be advised to actuate if they display signs of abrade or damage. If so, these Automotive V Belts should anon be replaced.

Dayco timing belts, brash for OHC and DOHC acquaint engines, feature:

A molded cog architecture which runs quieter and is added economical

Premium, top modulus bottle cilia bandage delivers absolute beyond adherence to accumulate the engine alive calmly over the action of the belt

Compounding and tooth configurations are brash for specific applications alignment from accustomed annual to top performance, top temperature engines, beyond HSN admixture is used

Allotment aggregate includes three final digits that accommodate to industry accepted numbering

Dayco timing belts accommodated all aboriginal accessories architect achievement requirements

If you anticipate your vehicle’s timing belt may be accepting abutting failure, use these V Belt Supply tips to analyze timing belt wear.