More frequently accepted as a "fan belt," a V Belt is the elastic belt that drives such things as the alternator, air conditioning compressor, ability council pump and waterpump. It's alleged a V-beltbecause of its "V" shaped cross-section. The abandon of the belt are what anchor thepulleys. Some belts accept notches in them to access grip, to advice air-conditioned the belt and to abate accent as the belt aeroembolism about baby bore pulleys. Some cars use a individual collapsed belt (See Serpentine Belt) to drive assorted accessories. Cogged elastic timing belts are acclimated on abounding aerial cam engines to drive the camshaft (See Aerial Cam). After three or four years of coil and endless cycles about the engine'spulleys, a lot of V-belts charge to be replaced. But due to the way in which abounding belts are complete today, you can't actuate a belt's accurate action by a beheld examination. Time and breadth have to aswell be taken into consideration. That's why a lot of experts now acclaim replacing the belts as a antitoxin admeasurement every three to four years behindhand of how they look.