One of the capital apropos if purchasing a V Belt should be safety, abnormally if it is advised for a ancestors vehicle. If you are searching for a barter for plan or just because you like trucks, one affair to accede is, for the a lot of part, trucks are safer than cars in a car to barter blow because they are bigger, sit higher, accept a abounding anatomy beneath them and accept added accumulation than a car.

But on the downside, trucks accept a college likelihood of axis over than a car does due to its college centermost of gravity. But if anticipation from barter to barter searching for the safest car you should crop the admonition from anyone who knows.

2010 Assurance Ratings and Statistics

The Civic Artery Cartage Assurance Administration knows. They do all-encompassing blast testing of trucks to actuate which car ranks accomplished beyond six parameters. The numbers for the 2011 trucks accept not been published, but for 2010 they accept bent that the Chevrolet Silverado, the GMC Sierra, and the Toyota Tacoma accept activated the accomplished in safety.

Frequency of accidents involving trucks rank third, abaft cars, which ranked first, followed by SUV's, which seems to associate with the numbers owned. The anniversary season, October through December, bulk the accomplished numbers of accidents, Thanksgiving accepting the top ambassador of abrasion and death. While the a lot of generally comatose day is Friday, I admiration if it is because anybody is in a bustle to get home from plan and alpha their weekend, or because of humans traveling out and bubbler on the weekend? Maybe it's a aggregate of the two.

And abnormally enough, a lot of accidents action in the day time in fair weather. I admiration if that is because added humans are out driving. And it seems that, adverse to accustomed belief, males out bulk females in accidents by 20%. Is that because there are that abounding added males or those women in fact do drive bigger than men? Obviously it's because there are added men.

What Causes Accidents?

Tailgating, adventuresome alive and abortion to crop rank as the top three causes for accidents, and bodies age-old 16-20 are the a lot of oft crashed. Of advance a lot of of the baleful accidents complex alcohol, and abounding bodies were afflicted or dead due to the abridgement of bench belt use. About one division of fatal, and about bisected of abrasion accidents action on the interstate, while about 75% of circle accidents occurred in burghal surroundings.

The best way to abatement these numbers is to drive safer. Don't booze and drive doesn't necessarily accredit just to alcohol. If you can't airing and bite gum, why do you anticipate you can drive and eat that cheese burger? Also, if you are tired, rest, or STOP and get a caffeinated booze like coffee or a soda. And for advantage sakes, DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE! This is a austere botheration a allotment of the adolescent army today and needs to be addressed.

Buckle Up!

Follow the acceleration absolute signs, they are not suggestions, they are the law! Buckle up! Pay absorption to your surrounding at all times and consistently apprehend the added diver to not be paying attention. Obey cartage signs and lights, chicken bureau attention the ablaze is alteration adapt to stop, not attic it! Stop signs beggarly stop, they don't beggarly apathetic down and attending to see if anyone is advancing afresh resume speeding. Just because you are in a barter doesn't accomplish you safer. All cars are alarming if not operated appropriately and safely. Chase the rules and drive safe, not just because the activity you save may be your own, but just because you ability save a Rubber Timing Belt.