There are several agency that a timing belt can be identified.

replace timing beltMany times the timing PK Belt allotment aggregate and the name of the timing belt architect will be printed on the timing belt and will still be legible. While this is the ideal situation, there are abounding times if the timing belt allotment aggregate is either incomplete, vague, or from a belt accomplishment aggregation that is either out of business or has a timing belt calculation acclimation that isn't calmly cantankerous referenced.

If the timing belt isn't credible adequately, there are times if the timing pulleys are credible abundantly to actuate the angle and contour of the timing belt. The angle of the timing belt is the ambit from the centermost of one tooth to the centermost of the next tooth. The botheration is that there are several acclimatized tooth profiles or shapes for 3mm, 5mm, 8mm and 14mm pitches not calmly credible afterwards able tooling. These awning the AT5/T5, PowerGrip HTD/ PowerGrip GT2, Powerhouse?, Powerhouse MX?, and Poly Alternation profiles.

If you can actuate the exact angle and tooth contour of the Timing Belt Company you can attenuated down your choices rather apprenticed by barometer the amplitude of the timing belt and the all-embracing breadth of the timing belt. Alternatively, you could calculation the teeth or cogs on the timing belt and accumulate by the angle to get the breadth of the timing belt.