Commonly used in transportation of medium and small block, powder conveying, material shape, a variety of V Belt such as efficiently, especially suitable for long distance, high load, high speed of the material under the long transport;

Characteristics of its products mainly have a few points:

1. Good elasticity, impact resistance, tear resistance, and other characteristics, to meet the complex operating conditions using the special requirements, etc.;

2. Elongation at specified load is small, use small elongation polyester canvas conveyor belt elongation at specified load more victory in ordinary antiskid performance and some other common specifications of fabric core conveyor belt type conveyer belt, in use process can greatly reduce the operation schedule, efficient scientific overall equipment to reduce costs, very has the advantage for a long-distance conveying;

3. The water resistant performance is stronger, in cold damp environment use, its comprehensive strength of the adhesion of rubber belt is not subject to any influence, will still work, in the use of nod cycle will be longer;

4. Acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance heat resistance and so on, long-term perspective, choose EP conveyor belt more economical; Itself not heavy quality of rubber conveyor belt, compared with other food industry wide rubber belt, its have the layer number is little, thin belt body, light weight, strong plasticity characteristics in the process of using, not only improve transport capacity increase and can decrease the power consumption equipment, and optimize the transportation radius, meet the requirements of lower energy increase efficiency;

6. The tensile strength of the cladding is higher than mpa, load and length of more than four hundred and fifty percent, the friction loss is less than 150 cubic meters;

7. EP strong cloth between the average bond strength between the longitudinal sample cloth layer is greater than or equal to 4.5 per mm, its coverage rate of adhesion between rubber and cloth layer is greater than is greater than 4 cows per mm;

8. The overall thickness of longitudinal tear rate and total thickness of the longitudinal reference force elongation has reached international standards, with international standards, the strength of polyester conveyor Rubber Drive Belts has become numerous customers conveying machinery accessories of choice for field use, and preference degree is on the rise year by year.commoness conveyor belt use rubber in various components include cover, cushion gum, rubber cloth wipe glue, cloth layers stick glue.